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Alisonbretti2 11 days ago

Bibimbap Rice Skillet

Delicious every time and there are so many different flavors that it keeps me coming back for more! The brown rice and vegetables make it feel healthy enough to be worth indulging in pork belly.

Benw1580 28 days ago

Sushi Donut

The sushi donut was on of many items that we ate tonight, all of which were very good! I could not stop eating! Great atmosphere for gathering for a diverse food selection.

Gerib219 about 1 month ago

Poke' Party Platter

I have ordered the poke party platter 2 times and am totally obsessed with it!! Everyone loved it the only problem was there was nothing leftover for the next day!!

Acelewinter about 2 months ago

Sushi Donut

So good!!!

Sally 2 months ago

Truffle Fries

They have the best truffle fries in the area. Order them crispy!

Johanna 2 months ago

New England Lobster Roll

I love stopping in for a drink while waiting for my food to take home. My husband said the lobster roll was outstanding. One of the best he has ever had! Never disappoints

Cheyennemonacelli 3 months ago

Fish Tacos (3)

OMG! The best fish tacos i ever had. Such a wonderful blend of flavors wrapped in warm fresh naan bread. They are by far my favorite fish tacos. Make sure to squeeze the lime over them for a nice refreshing citrus kick!

Tahhan 3 months ago

Fig & Prosciutto Pizza

This is our favorite dish! Love the combination of sweet and sour. All our friends loved it as well when we ordered delivery.

Jennifer 3 months ago

Spicy Kani

The spicy Kano sushi-rito is my absolute favorite "go to" for lunch. Easy to eat, always delicious. All their sushi items are yum!

Roseann 3 months ago

Bibimbap Rice Skillet

Goodbye to the days of answering my husband with "I don't care", when he asks what I feel like eating! Today was my first dining experience at this place and it will be the first of many. The bibimbap was amazing and the atmosphere was incredibly trendy with a relaxed feel to it. The general manager came over to ask how our meal was and gave us some background of the owner, how their staff is cross-trained, and ingredients are locally grown. I can't wait to go back tomorrow and try something else!

Durfeehome 4 months ago

Mini Cello Wraps

These are the hit at every party! Delicious, fresh and colorful. I always get the chicken-veggie. Both the dipping sauces are fantastic. Highly recommend for your next gathering.

Dorothy 4 months ago

Dragon Flatbread

The best cheesy garlic bread ever. Absolute must-try. The different layers of flavors with a hint of spice makes the experience a rollercoaster.

Acelewinter 5 months ago

Kani Salad

It was great

Millerrp128 5 months ago

Muenster Panini

My husband and i love coming here. The food is spectacular and there is such a wide variety. We could be in the mood for different things and be fine. It is perfect Italian with their homemade pasta and delicious pizza. Their sandwiches are great, the Muenster panini is out of this world!! I have talked many people into getting it, and i didn't have to do much persuasion. The sushi is delicious, their sushi bowls are plentiful. Then they serve all local made beer and wine- if you like one of them then you can go to their location for tastings. The environment is so late back too, just nice to go there for any type of occasion. I highly recommend to go and try- you will not be disappointed!

Emilycurreri 24 days ago

Fig & Prosciutto Pizza

When you look at this menu you immediately think... how could one place be good at making all these unique items. WELL... THEY ARE. I have tried the pizza and pasta and the fish tacos. They are all amazing! Also the bipimbap was to die for. Whatever you are in the mood for they will provide.

Amyherm 29 days ago

Sushi Rolls

They are always delicious and very fresh!!

Gerib219 about 1 month ago

Mini Cello Wraps

Had it for a cocktail party and it was a great addition with my gluten free friends

Elisa 2 months ago

Sushi Donut

This innovative dish is a tasty treat of various textures and flavors. Designed to look like a donut, it's full of fresh fish and more!

Maxgross50 2 months ago

4 Cheese Tortelloni

Fantastic! Great display and great service. I have no complaints. I will definitely be returning soon!

Mariedpena 3 months ago

American Burger

EXIT 4 staff is friendly, courteous, and professional. My students have placed group orders for lunch, and Exit 4 always delivers the food on time, with great consideration as to what our needs are. The options are plentiful and delicious. Although the cheeseburger platter is a student favorite, everything that is ordered is exceptional. Whether you are ordering for yourself, or a large group, I highly recommend Exit 4.

Jeffreyniedzwiedz 3 months ago

Brisket Sandwich

This sandwich was kick ass...Perfect bread and all the flavors come together and make the super tender meat delicious.. Looking forward to get it again !

Mpatby0316 3 months ago

Pistachio Pizza

The best pizza ever. Every time we go we say we'll try more stuff, but we always go back for this pizza. The goat-cheese with pistachio & honey is the best combo ever. It goes perfect together. And the wood-fired crust is always cooked perfectly. Was always iffy about goat-cheese until this pizza. We never had anything bad from Exit 4 in general.

Rulo 3 months ago

Ala Vodka

Love the food, everything we have tried there is awesome! And service is amazing, everyone is great. Is our place to go, when we ask our 6 year old daughter what she wants for dinner, her first response is always Exit 4!

Jasmin 4 months ago

Shrimp Scampi

The shrimp scampi wad to die for. It was so delicious i didn't want to share. The shrimp was cooked to perfection and the flavors were a burst of happiness in my mouth.

Susylo528 4 months ago


I love food pizza, calamari ,burgers and sushi my kids loved

Lesleyrcarmichael 4 months ago

Big Island

Amazingly delicious, craving it constantly! Love exit 4, go with family and friends and order online. Always happy with everything we choose 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Meggycday 5 months ago

Wood-Fired Mac & Cheese

The gluten free mac and cheese with lobster is amazing! I absolutely love it!!! As well as the fresh seafood bar, this is the perfect place to go out any night

Franniealbanese 5 months ago

Asian Chicken Meatballs



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