Who We Are

The Exit 4 Food Hall is the first of its kind in Westchester County offering local, freshly-prepared food and drinks.

Here you can find a true dine-around experience among 9 different food stations with full service, take-out and delivery — a throwback to one-stop dining. The food emphasizes locally-sourced and artisanal crafted items, with constantly changing menus featuring fresh seasonal food with an eclectic décor highlighted by one of a kind items with local ingredients prepared our way.

Our mantra is "slow food....fast, with all your favorite food in one place"

We believe in sustainability and leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible--and a few examples of this in our everyday service is: serving our wine and beer on tap (no bottle waste); serving filtered water in our own glass, reusable bottles (no plastic bottle waste); and using green and compostable take out containers including a bake able bowls and boxes for our delivery/take-out menu.

We have been here since 1991 but reinvented ourselves 2016 to fill a need in our community. We support our community by giving the gift of food and supporting all local organizations.

Please let us know about your experiences and how we can server you better.

Hope to see you soon...

Isi Albanese and Jeff Friedlaender